sedilia portfolio


Over my career I have created hundreds upon hundreds of sites, but few I have enjoyed building as much as I enjoyed this one. It’s one of the best examples I have of front-end fully responsive design. Before responsive was the norm too. We have custom post types for the various sections. Every part is dynamic as it…
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Talon Outdoor

talonoutdoor portfolio

There are few projects that I found as challenging and at the same time as rewarding  as Talon. Fully responsive, this site was built with no CSS frameworks and everything responsive was hand crafted. Lighter and faster too. From the homepage to the last page, this site is all about responsive and dynamic. Not just the pages themselves,…
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geraldeve portfolio

This site is an example of more advanced features behind the scenes. It’s integrated with Google Api, geocaching and radius search. The website supports multiple user levels, some users being restricted to edit some sections, while others have full access. Lots of custom forms, subscriptions and downloads. It’s one of the larger websites too, with a…
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Glasshouse Gardens

glasshouse gardens stratford portfolio

This is a fully responsive website based on Twitter Bootstrap (front-end framework), built on top of WordPress. As with most WordPress setups, everything is managed from the admin, the dynamic search is fully JavaScript powered and it also features Google Maps navigation integration. Media rich, it’s a showcase of what good design and a modular…
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paulharding portfolio

Paul needed his website rebuilt urgently. And fast he got it, over the weekend, stage 1. Hard work, but great satisfaction. We agreed on a two stage build. Since it was urgent, we agreed on doing the site (after sign-off on design) as a static HTML, CSS and jQuery page first. After this stage, I took the…
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rutherfordsearch portfolio

This website was built for one of the clients that came through a personal recommendation. It’s based on WordPress and was a conversion from HTML to WordPress. Work included their own custom template, search functionality, custom fields / meta and custom post types to enable posting and searching of jobs. JQuery ties it all nicely and analytics…
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