What I can do for you

There is a wealth of services I can offer, depending on your need. I am offering you the flexibility of working directly with an individual who actually does the work, bypassing project managers and especially, who you can can discuss with and reach a flexible arrangement.

I will also use or suggest the technology / solution that is suited for you, not what is better for me.

Below just a few examples of the work I do, it would be a really exhaustive list to name everything and we’re not running a marathon here!

WordPress development

WordPress is hugely popular due to the intuitive and easy to use interface, loads of plugins and backwards compatibility. I specialized in WordPress a few years ago and during this time I built dozens of sites, both large and small.


All CMS systems require constant care and updates plus backups. You don't really want to change the oil in your car, do you? I'll sort it all, including backups, support on an ad-hoc basis when you need it and what ever else you need.


Your application may be slow or your VPS / server is crashing. Perhaps we need to take a look under the hood of your infrastructure. I have experience in scaling applications and building a scalable infrastructure on AWS.

WordPress theme customisation

WordPress again? Yes! Sometimes themes require tweaking, or your want to refresh your site. Been there, done that.

Disaster recovery

For when you truly need a friend. Well, freelancer friend to sort out your stuff. Things may look bad, but it's not the end of the world, trust me.

Cat sitting

Alright, this one is for me. I can't have a cat since I rent, but I do love them and have had them around me for most of my life. So I'll do it. For you. Not for me. I won't enjoy it, promise.

Need more?!

Alright then, there are other bits I can do, if you really want to know, please read on.

WordPress and other tuition

It's all fine and dandy, but how do you do stuff? Patience young padawan, teach you I shall. I have done this before with many of my (and employer's) clients, one on one and small groups.

Responsive builds

Google now penalizes sites that aren't responsive. Most of the sites I built were responsive. Some using Twitter Bootstrap or other front-end frameworks, some from scratch. I got you covered.

WordPress plugin development

Yes, again WordPress. Part of the power of this CMS are plugins. Of which I've built plenty. And I can do some more. Right now.

And what other bits?

There are surely things you need done that are not in this list. Many others I have done and you can just contact me to discuss your requirements.